United Trade Links provides professional terracotta & slate sealing services in Sydney. We provide specialised sealing solutions for terracotta and slate surfaces at competitive pricing.
Sealing is the first crucial step towards protecting your terracotta and slate surfaces against stains. If treated properly, these surfaces will provide you beautiful flooring that is durable, stain resistant and extremely easy to maintain.
Terracotta is a ceramic material that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It is a good flooring option and when sealed properly, it improves in quality, holding up to stains, dampness and scratches.  At United Trade Links, we recommend sealing your terracotta surfaces with deep penetrating and impregnating sealers. We offer a complete terracotta sealing service for both commercial as well as residential premises.
United Trade Links also specialises in slate sealing. We recommend our clients to seal their slate surfaces because sealing will keep most of the stains suspended at the surface. It creates a barrier that provides protection against chemical attack, corrosion and contamination. So sealing is the first crucial step for protecting your slate surfaces against stains.
United Trade Links are experts in applying all types of sealers and will ensure your slate and terracotta looks best at all times. Our team of terracotta & slate sealing experts is trained and experienced to provide good outcomes under all situations. They are updated with the latest technology and sealing products available in the market. We will use effective sealers to make your surfaces durable. We serve Sydney wide.
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